President's Greeting

Thank you for visiting our web site and for YOUR interest in the fastest growing Evangelical Accrediting Commission in America!

Greetings in the Name of our Blessed Savior and soon-coming King, Jesus Christ.

Transworld Accrediting Commission International (Transworld) was created to meet the growing need among non-traditional and traditional evangelical institutions for excellence in accountability and advancement. Transworld is federally recognized as a non-profit educational organization with a mandate to establish minimal acceptable standards and criteria. Not merely another educational agency, it’s a Church Ministry!

Transworld members are unmoved and solid in our shared Faith and Biblical Doctrine. Such as the New Birth of the Believer, Triune Godhead, Inspiration of Scripture, Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Virgin Birth.

Transworld provides collaborative assistance, providing resources and development which enables its members to maximize student and educational goals. Together, TACI member institutions form a Global University system through our vast network of rich ministry and educational resources. This affords limitless opportunities to students throughout this World!

Our strength and heritage is in our transparency to the consuming public, in our experienced commissioners, and member institutions, which include many major denominations and world-wide church ministries. Internationally renowned leaders have recognized that Transworld has remained a trendsetter in excellence for nearly 30 years. It is for this reason that they have introduced so many fine institutions to our commission.

Transworld is a vibrant resource to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Training workers for the Master’s harvest field and providing assistance to others to achieve their goals for this great work is such a privilege, and we pledge to you our utmost for the high purpose we share. We look forward to a successful future of excellence together for the Glory of God!